Lyve Mobile Rackmount Receiver User Manual
Lyve Mobile Rackmount Receiver 

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Data Connections

Seagate Lyve Mobile Rackmount Receiver is pre-configured to support one or more host interfaces.

Connect to host interfaces

Connect the appropriate fiber channel, Ethernet, or SAS cables to available ports on Lyve Mobile Rackmount Receiver’s back panel.

Fiber optic cable

  • FC 32Gb, 2-Port SFP+
  • FC 16Gb, 2-port SFP+
  • iSCSI 25Gb, 4-port 10Gb SFP+

Ethernet cable

  • iSCSI 10GbaseT, 2-Port RJ45

SAS cable

  • SAS 12Gb, 2-Port SFF-8644