Lyve Mobile Rackmount Receiver User Manual
Lyve Mobile Rackmount Receiver 

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Rackmount Kit

Parts list

    Back rails 2  
  Front rails (left and right) 1 left
1 right
A M4 pin for 7.1mm hole" hole 4 M4 x L10 (6.8,2.5) Phillips screw
B M4 pin for .375" hole 4

M4 x L10 (9.1,2.5) Phillips screw

C M4 nut 4  
D   10-32 cage nut 4  
E 10-32 flat head screw 8 10-32 x L12.7 Phillips screw
F Stepped washer 8  
G M4 pan head screw 4 M4 x L8 Phillips screw
H 10-32 pan head screw 4 10-32 x L25.4 Phillips screw
I Flat washer 4  
J Latch 2  
K 10-32 nut and washer 2 (each)  
  Zip ties 2  

Parts diagram

Lyve Mobile Rackmount Receiver

Removing Lyve Mobile Rackmount Receiver from its packaging and carrying the unit must be performed by at least two people.

Receiver weight (empty): 47.52 lb/21.6 kg

Do not attempt to lift or assemble Lyve Mobile Rackmount Receiver with compatible devices inserted.