Lyve Mobile Link User Manual
Lyve Mobile Link 

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Connection Types

Lyve Mobile Link requires the following connection types:

  • PCIe or SAS—Data path between Link and Lyve Mobile Array
  • Ethernet—Management path between Link and Lyve Mobile Array
  • LAN 10GbE and/or 100GbE—Data and management path between Link and the local network

Link does not support Fibre Channel, iSCSI, Thunderbolt, and USB connections to Lyve Mobile Array.

Data connection to Link

Data to/from Lyve Mobile Array passes through PCIe or SAS connections.

Path PCIe Adapter/Rackmount Receiver Link Connector Type


 Note—Confirm with your project administrator if your Lyve Mobile Arrays and Lyve Mobile Link use PCIe or SAS data paths before following the instructions included in this manual.

Management connection to Link

Link controls Lyve Mobile Array via a direct Ethernet connection. Ethernet cables are not included with Link.

 Note—Only direct management connections are supported. Do not use an Ethernet switch when connecting the Ethernet management cables between Lyve Mobile Link and PCIe Adapther / Rackmount Receiver.
Path PCIe Adapter/Rackmount Receiver Link Connector Type
Management Ethernet management STORAGE MGMT A or B RJ45


Data/management connections to network

Link's LAN ports send and receive both data and management information to the local network.

Path Lyve Mobile Link Network Switch Connector Type
Data/Management LAN 1 10GbE RJ45 RJ45 supporting 10GbE performance
LAN 2 100GbE QSFP56 QSFP56
LAN 3 100GbE QSFP56 QSFP56


 Note—All LAN ports can be connected at the same time. However, Link does not support port aggregation.

Appliance management connection

You can connect a PC directly to Link's Appliance Management port for management purposes only. Potential reasons for connecting to the Appliance Management port:

  • Your network uses fixed IP addresses.
  • You are unable to access the Link web app on the local network.

See Appliance Management and IP Addressing.