Lyve Mobile Link User Manual
Lyve Mobile Link 

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Authorize Lyve Mobile Arrays Connected to Other Hosts

If your network environment includes other PCs connected to Lyve Mobile Arrays via PCIe Adapter, fibre channel, or SAS, you can use Lyve Mobile Link to unlock them.

Unlocking can occur under the followign conditions:

  • All applicable PC hosts and Lyve Mobile Arrays are connected to the same network as Link.
  • The Lyve Token file authorizes applicable Lyve Mobile Arrays.

 Lyve Mobile Arrays connected to Link's data ports appear in the Link web app as Connected Devices.

Lyve Mobile Arrays on the same network and connected to other hosts appear in the web app as Other Devices.

 The LED on a Lyve Mobile Arrays changes from solid orange to solid green when Link has successfully unlocked the device.

Lyve Token file delivery

Lyve Token files authorize access to Lyve Mobile Arrays connected to Link. A single token file can authorize multiple Lyve Mobile Arrays or single units. See Lyve Token Files for more details.