Lyve Mobile Link User Manual
Lyve Mobile Link 

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Overview of Lyve Mobile Link Setup

Lyve Mobile Link lets hosts on your local network access Lyve Mobile Array storage. The storage is available to hosts as network shares.

Combining flexible opereration and rugged mobility, Lyve Mobile Array offers a variety of ways to transport and manage data. Review the following overview of the steps for incorporating Link into your Lyve Mobile system.

  1. Install the hardware supporting Lyve Mobile Array usage in your network environment. Note that setup instructions differ between PCIe Adapter and Rackmount Receiver. See Devices and Services Documentation for links to online manuals.
  2. Contact your project administrator to receive the Lyve Token file(s) to authorize access to Link and connected Lyve Mobile Arrays. See Lyve Token Files for configuration details.
  3. Make the connections between Lyve devices and your network:
    1. Lyve Mobile Array(s) to Link
    2. Link to your network
    See Connect Devices.
  4. Access the Link web app via a computer on the same network. Use the web app to sign in to Link. See Link Web App.

Lyve Mobile Array volume formatting

As part of device configuration, you will need to ensure that the formatting of your Lyve Mobile Array volumes is supported by your network protocol and compatible with your intended data workflow. See Volume Formats and Network Shares.