Lyve Mobile Rackmount Receiver User Manual
Lyve Mobile Rackmount Receiver 

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Setup Requirements

Lyve Mobile devices are unlocked and accessed using the Lyve Client app. Ensure that Lyve Client has been installed on the host computer and that you have valid Lyve Management Portal credentials. See the following instructions.

Lyve Management Portal credentials

A Lyve Management Portal username and password are required to authorize computers to access devices inserted in Lyve Rackmount Receiver.

Account manager—You created Lyve Management Portal credentials when you set up your Lyve account at

Product admin or product user—You were identified as a product user for a project created in the Lyve Management Portal. An email was sent to you from the Lyve team that included a link for resetting your password.

If you can't remember your credentials or you lost your email invitation, visit Click Sign in and then click the Don’t remember your password? link. If your email isn’t recognized, contact your account manager. For further help, you can contact customer support using the Lyve Virtual Assist Chat.

To unlock and access Lyve devices connected to your computer, you must enter your credentials in the Lyve Client app. Install Lyve Client on any computer intended to connect to devices inserted in Lyve Rackmount Receiver. See below for details.

Download Lyve Client

The Lyve Client app is required to authorize a host computer to access Lyve Mobile Array and compatible devices. You can also use it to manage Lyve projects and data operations. Download the Lyve Client installer for Windows and macOS at

Authorize host computers

An internet connection is required when authorizing a host computer.

  1. Open Lyve Client on a computer intended to host Lyve Mobile Array.
  2. When prompted, enter your Lyve Management Portal username and password.

Lyve Client authorizes the host computer to unlock and access Lyve devices and manage projects on the Lyve Management Portal.

The host computer remains authorized for up to 30 days, during which you can unlock and access connected devices even without an internet connection. After 30 days, you’ll need to open Lyve Client on the computer and re-enter your credentials.

 Lyve devices lock when powered off, ejected or unplugged from the host computer, or if the host computer goes to sleep. Lyve Client is required to unlock a Lyve device when it is reconnected to the host or the host has awakened from sleep. Lyve Client can only unlock a device when the host computer is authorized using Lyve Management Portal credentials.

Windows server setup

For details on configuring SAS, fibre channel, and iSCSI data network connectivity, see Windows Server Setup.