Seagate WSS NAS 2-Bay | 4-Bay | 6-Bay User Manual
Seagate WSS NAS 2-Bay | 4-Bay | 6-Bay 

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Getting Help

If you are having issues with your product, first consult the troubleshooting topics below. If the problem persists, refer to the Warranty to understand your warranty rights and responsibilities.

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Troubleshooting topics

The Seagate WSS NAS will not turn on.

Q: Can you confirm that the WSS NAS is receiving power?
A: Make sure the power cable is properly connected, then apply a short push to the power button.

Q: Is there a problem with the power supply?
A: Confirm that the outlet is receiving power.

The Seagate WSS NAS is unresponsive.

Q: Have you tried to restart the system?
A: Shut down the WSS NAS using Windows Storage Server 2012 R2 Essentials or, if you cannot access the operating system, apply a short push to the front power button. If nothing happens after a few minutes, force the WSS NAS to turn off by pressing and holding the front button for more than four seconds (long push). Once off, restart the product by applying a short push to the front button. Note that this is not recommended under standard conditions as it can result in data loss.

The Seagate WSS NAS is overheating.

Q: Is the ambient temperature too high? Is the air output blocked? Are several fans malfunctioning?
A: If the ambient temperature is below 104°F/40°C and the ventilation is cleared, you may have one or several malfunctioning fans. Contact Seagate technical support for confirmation.

The new hard drive that I inserted is not recognized. The hard drive's LED is red.

Q: Is the hard drive's SATA connector clean and free of dust or other material? Did you insert the hard drive all the way into its slot?
A: If the hard drive is properly inserted in its slot, go to Dashboard > Monitor > Internal Disks and choose Rescan Disks in Disk Tasks.

I am not certain if the WSS NAS's firmware should be updated.

Q: Where can I check the firmware version?
A: Navigate to the Monitor tab on the Windows Storage Server 2012 R2 Essentials page or, check the firmware version on the NAS's LCD (4-Bay and 6-Bay only).

Q: How do I know if the firmware is the latest version?
A: The Seagate Monitor tab automatically checks for updates and prompts you when new firmware is available.