Lyve Client Software User Manual
Lyve Client Software 

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Getting Started with Lyve Client Software


Industry-standard authentication key management lets you unlock your Lyve Mobile devices for use with a connected computer.


Lyve Managed

Non-Lyve managed

Security options

Lyve managed

With Lyve managed devices, user credentials and permissions are managed by product administrators in your business. Lyve Client offers two ways for product admins to allow product end users to securely access Lyve Mobile storage devices:

Lyve Portal Identity— This security option allows an end user to enter a username and password to authorize host computers to access connected Lyve Mobile devices. End users must have a Lyve user account. Internet connectivity is required during sign-in and when periodically reauthorizing a host computer.

Lyve Token Security—This security option allows for use cases in which there is limited access to the internet when using Lyve Mobile Arrays. End users are not required to have a Lyve user account. Instead, the end user creates a registration file for the computer in Lyve Client and then sends it to the product admin. The product admin uses that registration file to generate a Lyve Token file in Lyve Management Portal and then sends it to the end user. Internet connectivity is required to download the installer for Lyve Client, but is not required when accessing devices with Lyve Token files.

See the following chapters for more information:

Non-Lyve managed

All the features of Lyve Client, but responsible for their own password management.

Device management password

(Optional) Data password