Lyve Client Software User Manual
Lyve Client Software 

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Application settings

Launch Lyve Client at startup—Enable if you want Lyve Client to automatically open whenever you start your computer.

Application logs

Click to download application logs.

Lyve Client updates

Enable if you want Lyve Client to automatically check for new updates when connected to the internet. You’ll be notified with the option to skip or defer the installation of non-critical updates.


 Critical updates are required for Lyve Client to function correctly. This setting is overridden when a critical update must be installed.

Lyve Portal Identity

Enable if you want some users to be able to access assigned connected devices using Lyve Portal Identity. See Security options.

Lyve Token Security

Enable if you want Lyve Client to use a Lyve Token file to access assigned connected devices. See Security options.
Import token Import a Lyve Token file. See End user final tasks.
Clear all imported tokens Clear all imported Lyve Token files from Lyve Client.
Register Create a registration file for this installation on Lyve Client. See End user initial tasks.


Imported token details Notes
Token File Name of the imported token file.
Token Location  
Expires Date | Month
File View file details.
Delete file.


View the Lyve Client version and links to online legal notices.