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Files take awhile to appear on the storage device

The media app performs a one–time scan of the content that you copied to your wireless and network-attached storage devices. The scan can take time when the storage device has a good amount of files.

If you recently copied content to your storage device and you do not see your files, tap on the More icon () and tap Refresh.

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Cannot connect to a wireless device or a network-attached storage device

  • A low battery charge might cause issues with the Wi-Fi connection. If you have an intermittent connection with the wireless device, check its battery charge by tapping on the More icon () and Info. The battery status displays.
  • Confirm that your storage device is disconnected from your computer and powered on. Make certain that the Wi-Fi LED is solid blue. The Wi-Fi is disabled when the wireless storage device is attached to a computer via USB or another wired connection.
  • On your mobile device, check whether the storage device's wireless network is selected in the network list. If you move out of the storage device's wireless range, your mobile device will disconnect from the Wi-Fi signal. The maximum range is approximately 145 ft./44 m. In addition, obstructions, such as walls and other interference can affect the strength of the signal. Try reconnecting to the Wi-Fi network.
  • You may have exceeded the maximum users. To identify how many users are connected, tap the More icon () and tap Settings, and then tap About. Review your storage device's user manual for the number of user's supported by your device.
  • Tap on the More icon () and tap Refresh.
  • Power off the storage device, wait 10 seconds and then power it on. Relaunch the media app.

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Connection to wireless storage is lost when the mobile device wakes from sleep

Connection to your wireless device's Wi-Fi network can be lost when a mobile device enters sleep or energy conservation modes. To recover the connection, go to your mobile device's Wi-Fi settings and choose the name of your storage device.

Video, song, or file does not play/open

You can copy any file to your storage device, however, the device to which you stream your media files can play only the file formats that it supports. The media app does not convert files to other formats. See your mobile device's specifications for a list of supported file types.

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Reformatted hard drive for Mac

Do not allow Time Machine® to use your wireless storage device for backups. Doing so will reformat the storage device's hard drive.

If you reformatted the storage device by mistake, you can set it back to its original format. Visit your device's support website for further details: Seagate wireless products or LaCie wireless products.

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Unsecure Wi-Fi notification

If you have not created a password for your storage device’s Wi-Fi, a media app notification warns you to secure your device.

  1. Click the Notification icon on the top right and tap Security.
  2. Tap Set Password.
  3. Tap Server Settings and then tap Enable Password.
  4. Enter your password and then confirm it. Tap OK. You are disconnected from the storage device.
  5. Go to your mobile device’s Wi-Fi settings to choose the storage device’s Wi-Fi and enter the new password.

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Cannot connect to Personal Cloud due to disabled SMS

While attempting to connect to your Personal Cloud, Seagate Media discovered that the Seagate Media Service (SMS) has been turned off. The SMS is a service on your Personal Cloud that catalogs media for playback on Seagate Media. There are many reasons why the SMS may have been disabled. To fix the problem, please follow the steps below:

  1. Confirm that your Personal Cloud is running the latest version of firmware.
  2. Restart your Personal Cloud.

For instructions how to perform the steps, see the applicable user manual.

  • Personal Cloud
  • Personal Cloud 2-bay

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