Seagate Media App - Android Seagate Media App - Android
Seagate Media App - Android 

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Using Seagate Media Controls

 Note: Media app controls are dependent on your mobile device. Mobile devices with smaller displays might place controls in More ( ) .

Media App Views

There are two main views in the media app.

Connectivity View

Review and make changes to the connections between your mobile device, storage device, and Internet.

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Media View

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Access your media and folders:

  • Media Libraries: Access your videos, photos, music and documents.
  • Files and Folders: Select the source of your content: your mobile device or your storage device.

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Library view

When you select a library, the media app displays media-specific icons to help you view and manage contents.


  1. Tap to open the left navigation.
  2. Displays the media library you are viewing (e.g. Videos, Photos, Music, or Documents). Tap on the name of the media library to filter the contents in the window. For example, filtering options for Photos are: All, Albums, Slideshows, and Date Taken. To change to a different media library, tap the Media app icon.
  3. Tap to cast media to a compatible casting device.
  4. Tap to open Search.
  5. Tap to see all notifications: Notifications let you know about new features and help with set up. Warnings appear if there is a problem with the storage device (for example, low battery).
  6. Tap to switch between list and thumbnail views.
  7. Tap to sort by Title, Date, Size, and Type. Certain sorting options may not apply to all libraries.
  8. Tap to view additional options including Refresh, Select item, Info, Help, and Settings.

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