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Seagate Media App - iOS 

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Conserving Battery Life

Power settings

  Note: Your storage device might not support all features listed below.

You can prolong battery life by enabling ECO mode on your mobile storage.

  1. Tap on the More icon () in the navigation bar, and then choose Settings.
  2. Tap Power Settings.
  3. Enable ECO mode by tapping on its switch.

When playing a video, the storage device uses your mobile device’s memory to temporarily store the video content. By using the mobile device's memory, the storage device can enter sleep mode to conserve its battery.

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Stream and download

You can stream and download a movie to extend the battery life of your storage device. When this setting is enabled, when you stream a movie, the Seagate Media app automatically downloads the movie to your mobile device. After the movie has been downloaded, the storage device goes to sleep. You can continue to watch the movie while it downloads.

  Important: You cannot have your storage device connected to the Internet and Stream and download.
  1. Tap on the More icon () in the navigation bar, and then choose Settings.
  2. Tap your device's settings and then tap Advanced.
  3. Confirm that Stream and Download is enabled.

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Power settings options

The Energy Conservation gauge reveals your energy status. Your status changes when you turn services or features on or off. By enabling ECO mode, two non-critical services have been turned off:

DLNA: Allows DLNA playback devices on the network to view and play media files stored on the wireless storage device. DLNA playback devices can be smart televisions, media servers, game consoles, and tablets.

SAMBA: Allows computers on the network to connect to the wireless storage device as a network volume. Turning it off does not prevent access to the storage device using a web browser.

Even when ECO mode is enabled, you can manually turn on DLNA and SAMBA. Go to Power Settings and tap on the switch for the respective service. It is recommended that you disable the service as soon as possible for optimal battery performance.

Battery performance

To achieve optimal energy conservation:

  • Enable ECO mode
  • Disable DLNA and SAMBA
  • Do not connect your storage device to the Internet while it is connected to your mobile device.
  • Confirm that Stream and Download is enabled in Settings > your device settings > Advanced

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