Seagate Media App - iOS Seagate Media App - iOS
Seagate Media App - iOS 

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Using Seagate Media Controls

 Note: Media app controls are dependent on your mobile device. Mobile devices with smaller displays might place controls in More ().


  1. Tap to select the Media Libraries or Folder view.
    • Media Libraries: Access your videos, photos, music and documents.
    • Folders: Select the source of your content: your mobile device or your storage device
  2. The selected media library.
  3. The amount of files on the page as well as the total number of files in the library.
  4. Tap the icon to select a device for casting media.
  5. Tap to open Search.
  6. Tap to select items.
  7. Tap to see all notifications. Notifications let you know about new features and help with set up. Warnings appear if there is a problem with the storage device (for example, low battery).
  8. Tap () to view additional options including: Edit, Search (when not available on the action bar), Open File (opening files from other apps), Sort by, Views, and Settings.