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Seagate Media App - iOS 

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Customizing Your Storage Device

The media app provides two levels for customizing your storage device: More and Settings. You can review and change options to suit your needs.

  Note: Your storage device might not support all of these features.


The More icon () is available on the top right of the app's screen. Tap it to see the menu. You have more options when choosing the More menu in a media library (Videos, Music, Photos, Documents).

  • Edit: Select items to play, download, delete, or share.
  • Search: Search for items in the selected media library.
  • Open File: Open a file stored in another app on your mobile device.
  • Sort by: Sort files by title, date, size, or type.
  • Filter: Order items according to the type of library. For example, order by camera make or model for photos and videos.
  • List/Thumbnail: Switch between views.
  • Settings: See the settings options below.
  • Battery (wireless storage devices): View the state of the battery charge, your device's energy conservation, and the option to enable eco mode.

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  Note: Your storage device might not support all of these features.

Settings is available in the More menu. Tap it to see the Settings menu.

  • Application Settings: See the version of the app, change the language, and clear the storage device's cache.
  • Device Settings (wireless storage device): Change the name of the storage device, enable password protection for your storage device, shut down/restart the storage device, and reset the storage device to factory default. Choose Advanced to enable/disable Stream and Download (improves battery performance when enabled) and Prefetch (improves scrolling performance when enabled). In Advanced, you can also view the IP and MAC addresses as well as other hardware settings.
  • Auto Upload: Enable to customize how you back up photos and videos to your storage device.
  • Remote access: Set up your mobile device to remotely access content on your compatible network attached storage. To successfully access content remotely, you must create a remote access account on your network attached storage device.
  • Power Settings: Conserve battery life by enabling ECO mode. See the Help section Conserving Battery Life.
  • Cloud Storage: This option will only appear when your storage device is connected to a Wi-Fi network with access to the Internet. You can use this option to sync files with your Dropbox or Google Drive accounts. Your cloud storage login and password are required to link the storage device to the account.
      Note: Google Drive is not available on all storage devices.
  • About: Review the versions of the media app and your storage device. You can also review total device capacity and, if applicable, other connected devices. Additionally, choose About to see how many users are connected to the device and to review the Open Source Attributions for the application.
  • Report a problem: Send an email to report a problem with the Media app.
  • Help: Instructions how to use the media app.

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