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Customizing Your Storage Device

Settings for your storage device are available in the charms and app bars.

 Note: Your storage device might not support all features listed below.

Charms bar

Enable the charms bar:

  1. Starting from the right edge of the screen, swipe your finger from right to left.
  2. Tap Settings.

Charms bar settings

    • General. Tap General to review or change the following settings:
      • Wireless network name. Changing the name here will change the name of your storage device on the list of Wi-Fi networks.
      • Wireless network password. You can prevent unauthorized access to the storage device by setting a password for its Wi-Fi network.
        1. Enter a password in the empty field. Make certain to note the password as you will be required to enter it in your mobile device's Wi-Fi settings.
        2. Tap on the switch to enable password protection.
        3. Your mobile device loses contact with the storage device when the password is updated. Go to your mobile device's Wi-Fi settings to join the storage device's network using the password you just created.
        4. Return to the media app.
 Note: To change a password, you must enter the current password in the empty field and tap Change Password.
      • Download and play. Enable/disable streaming while downloading; enable/disable Seagate Media as the default app to playback for videos.
      • System. Tap Restart to reboot the storage device or Shut Down to power off the storage device.
    • About. Tap About to review the following settings:
      • The media app version. The version of the media app on your mobile device.
      • Product Name and Device Name. By default, the names listed here will be identical.
      • Firmware version. The current version of firmware for your storage device. Seagate Media will alert you if an update is available.
      • Storage. Review the available capacity on your storage device.
      • Registration. Tap the link to register your storage device and review the product warranty.
      • Advanced settings (Reset to default). Tap Advanced to review important network details: MAC Address; IP Address; Wi-Fi Channel; and, Security. You can also: Clear the cache for download and play to improve the performance of your storage device; and, Reset to factory defaults.
    • Battery. Tap Battery to review or change the power conservation settings.
      • ECO Mode. Enabling ECO Mode can help you increase battery life. Non-critical services such as DLNA and SAMBA are turned off when ECO Mode is enabled. Tap on the slider to enable/disable ECO Mode.
      • DLNA. Allows DLNA playback devices on the network to view and play media files stored on the wireless storage device. Tap on the slider to enable/disable DLNA.
      • SAMBA. Allows computers on the network to connect to the wireless storage device as a network volume. Turning it off does not prevent access to the storage device using the Seagate Media app or a web browser. Tap on the slider to enable/disable SAMBA.

See the Help section Conserving Battery Life for more details.

  • Cloud Storage. You can use this option to sync files with your Dropbox or Google Drive accounts. Your cloud storage login and password are required to link the storage device to the account. Note: Google Drive is not available on all storage devices.
  • Help. Tap Help for tips on how to use your storage device.
  • Permissions. Tap Permissions to review access rights given to Seagate Media.
  • Auto Upload. Turn on and off; customize how you back up photos and videos to your storage device.
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