Seagate 8-Bay Rackmount NAS User Manual
Seagate 8-Bay Rackmount NAS 

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Getting Help

If you are having issues with your product, first consult this user manual and the troubleshooting topics below. If the problem persists, refer to:

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Troubleshooting topics

The 8-bay Rackmount NAS will not turn on. 

Q: Can you confirm that the NAS is receiving power?
A: Make sure the power cord is properly connected, then push the power button until the Status LED turns ON.

Q: Have you connected a USB storage device?
A: The NAS may be attempting to boot from it. Unplug the device and retry to reboot the system.

Q: Does the motherboard battery need to be replaced?
A: A non-functioning motherboard battery could prevent the system from booting. Contact Seagate support for confirmation and help.

Q: Is there a problem with one or both power supply units?
A: Connect a monitor, mouse, and keyboard, and turn your product on. If you don't see anything on the monitor,that means that the problem may result from the NAS's power supply units. Your NAS has redundant power supplies that allow for one to fail. Contact Seagate support if you believe that one or both power supplies have failed. In the rare case in which both power supplies fail at the same time, you may be asked to send NAS to Seagate for review.


The 8-bay Rackmount NAS turns off when I connect a USB device.

Q: Have you connected more than three bus-powered USB devices or is one of your devices drawing an inordinate amount of power?
A: Connect no more than three bus-powered USB devices and/or make sure that none of the devices is drawing an inordinate amount of power.

Q: Did the product turn off as soon as the USB device and the 8-bay Rackmount NAS's USB port came into contact?
A: The USB device may have caused a short circuit. Unplug any USB devices you have connected since the failure and reboot the product.