Lyve Cloud S3 Storage Resources Guide
Lyve Cloud S3 Storage Resources 

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Data Migration Overview

Are you planning to migrate storage or duplicate data from an existing cloud provider to Lyve Cloud?  Data migration or duplication of data to Lyve Cloud provides a trusted solution for disaster recovery, satisfies second or third copy backup needs and of course, Lyve Cloud can be your new location for primary data storage. Lyve Cloud is a simple and intuitive cloud solution for cost-effective data storage. With Lyve Cloud, there is no limit on the amount of data an organization can migrate and store.

Migration preparation

The following can help organizations migrate their data to the cloud efficiently.

Consider your Migration Strategy

You can migrate all storage from an existing cloud provider to Lyve Cloud or you may duplicate your stored data, continually or one-time. Lyve Cloud has evaluated third-party tools supporting these scenarios, as highlighted later in this document.  Lyve Cloud is S3-compatible, which makes re-using any existing tools or techniques that you have already used in your cloud provider environment easy to implement.    

While many proven options are available, the most appropriate choice depends on factors such as:

  • One-time and ongoing costs
  • Performance
  • Meeting technical and business goals

Review Data Migration Costs

The cost of egress fees or transfer fees may vary depending on your current public cloud provider. First-generation cloud providers charge not only for the data you store, but also for downloading or transferring data from their cloud (egress fees). Breaking free of this hidden cost is a common reason many customers choose Lyve Cloud.

Here are some things to consider:

  • Estimate the cost to transfer data from your current provider directly to Lyve Cloud.
  • Establish Lyve Cloud as your new target for cloud storage.
  • Re-upload source data to Lyve Cloud if transfer fees from your current provider are too expensive. This approach may require additional time and will be affected by the size of your data sets, and your network bandwidth to Lyve Cloud. However, using this method circumvents paying egress fees.
  • Determine if your current provider limits the amount of data you are allowed to transfer, either per day or per month. Some cloud providers claim not to charge egress fees but will have egress limits.

Migration Tool, Types and Cost

Some migration tools are hosted in the public cloud and will not require installation on to personal computers. All these Cloud Migration tools commonly charge a transfer fee or charge for computing and bandwidth. Note these fees are in addition to egress fees for extracting data from the source cloud.

You may also wish to consider deploying a self-hosted tool in your own environment. Self-hosted tools typically charge a license fee.

Select a Migration Tool

The following tools have been evaluated for use with Lyve Cloud. Some of these tools are purpose-built for migration and duplication use cases, but some of the listed tools (such as Cloudsfer, Flexify.IO, and Clouchdrop) are generic utilities that can be used for copying scenarios. If you have questions about the capabilities or pricing of these tools, please contact the appropriate tool vendor.

Best practices

  • Monitor the migration process: You must keep track of the migration process by checking the migration report summary, migration status, or the dashboard once you start the data migration.
  • Monitor Cloud usage: You should have details of the amount of data to be migrated. This cloud usage will help you to calculate the egress charges if any charged by the existing provider.
  • Ensure to optimize the network: Optimize your network before you start the data migration. You can use the default network used by public cloud providers or you can choose a dedicated network connection for a better and faster form your internet service provider.