Lyve Cloud S3 Storage Resources Guide
Lyve Cloud S3 Storage Resources 

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Lyve Cloud with IBM Spectrum Protect

This section will teach you how to deploy Lyve Cloud as a new cloud tier to an existing IBM Spectrum Protect Server.


Before deployment, you will need the following:

Configuration overview

The configuration for Lyve Cloud with IBM Spectrum Protect is divided into two tasks:

  1. Create a Lyve Cloud Storage Account. For more information, see Provisioning storage buckets.
 Note—Do not enable object immutability when creating buckets, this feature is not currently supported by IBM Spectrum Protect..
  1. Add a cloud container storage pool to IBM Spectrum Protect. For more information, see the Spectrum Protect reference guide: Configuring a Cloud Container Storage Pool.

Add a Cloud Tier on IBM Spectrum Protect Server

To add cloud tier on IBM Spectrum Protect:

  1. In the IBM Spectrum Protect Operations Center, click Storage and select Storage Pools.

  1. Select + Storage Pool to start the storage pool wizard.

  1. Select General, and then select Next.

  1. Enter a Name for the storage pool and a Server as an identifier. Select Next.

  1. Choose Off-premises cloud to configure a cloud-container storage pool in Lyve Cloud. Select Next.

  1. Enter the following credentials:
  • Encryption: Check Enable.
  • Cloud type: Choose S3 API.
  • Access key ID: Enter your Lyve Cloud access key.
  • Secret access key: Enter your Lyve Cloud secret access key.
  • Cloud storage class: Choose S3 Standard.

  1. On the Local Storage page, specify existing file system directories for disk storage and select Add Storage Pool.

  1. Review the Storage Pool Configuration. Select Close & View Policies to start using the new data pool.

For more information on IBM Spectrum Protect, visit: