Lyve Cloud S3 Storage Resources Guide
Lyve Cloud S3 Storage Resources 

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Data Migration with Rclone

This topic covers data migration from an existing cloud provider to Lyve Cloud.  You must install rclone on Linux, Windows or other UNIX systems. rclone reads data from the source cloud and sends it to Lyve Cloud. For more information, see, Using rclone with Lyve Cloud.

To migrate data:

  1. Set the Source and the Target as remote. For more information, see, Using rclone with Lyve Cloud.
  2. Sync the Source and Target remote using rclone sync command.

    rclone sync <source remote name>:path <target remote name>:path

  3. Once the source and the target are synced, all the data from the source is copied, removed or migrated to the target remotely.
  4. You can use the following flags in the command to check the status of the sync/copy/migration.
  • --progress: Displays the real-time transfer progress
  • --interactive: Enables interactive mode and displays interactive for every action taken