Toolkit User Manual

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Restore Activity (Windows Only)

You can retrieve files that you have backed up to your external drive through the Toolkit Backup plan.

  1. Open Toolkit.
  2. On the Main Menu, click Restore.
  3. Select the Backup plan you want to restore.
  4. On the Restore screen, select the version you want to restore. Click Next.
  5. By default, Toolkit will restore files to their original locations. (If you want to restore files to a different location, use the sidebar and the content window to select a folder. You can always click Restore to Original Location to reset to the default location.)
  6. Click Restore.

Toolkit will restore the files from the version you selected. It will not restore files from other versions that may have been backed up to your external drive. 

 Restoring files to other folders or computers
When restoring files to a different folder or computer, the file structure in the destination location may not match the file structure in the source location. Toolkit will recreate the source folder structure in the new location if file paths don't match. Depending on how your folders are organized, you may need to manually move restored files to their appropriate destinations.