Toolkit User Manual

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To view app settings as well as support, documentation, and software information, click the More icon () on the Main Menu and select Settings.

Toolkit app settings

Start Toolkit automatically at startup When enabled, Toolkit opens automatically when the computer is started. Note that Toolkit must be open in order to run scheduled backups.
Enable Detailed Logs When enabled, Toolkit records detailed logs that can be used to troubleshoot issues. Only enable if instructed by a Seagate or LaCie support representative.

Import settings

Import settings are only available for compatible Seagate and LaCie drives with integrated card readers or hub ports. Click on the link for a list of supported devices.

Import content of inserted memory cards When enabled, Toolkit automatically copies files from memory cards inserted in your Seagate or LaCie drive's integrated card reader.

When disabled, Toolkit will not read memory cards inserted in a card slot.
Incremental copy of inserted memory cards When enabled, copies from memory cards are incremental, that is, Toolkit will only copies new files and will ignore files that were previously imported from the same memory card.

When disabled, Toolkit will copy all files from the memory card each time it is inserted in a card slot, regardless of whether files have been previously copied.
Import contents of drives connected to hub ports When enabled, Toolkit will prompt you to copy files from USB storage devices connected to a hub port on the external drive.

When disabled, Toolkit will not prompt you to copy files from USB storage devices.

Toolkit updates

Toolkit checks for updates provided the app is open and the computer is connected to the internet. Toolkit will automatically check for updates in the following events:

  • The computer restarts and Toolkit is relaunched.
  • You quit Toolkit and relaunch Toolkit.
  • 24-hours have elapsed since the last check.


Click About to view the following:

  • Toolkit app and activity versions. When troubleshooting issues, a customer support representative may ask you for version numbers related to the Toolkit app and features.
  • Seagate and LaCie page links.
    • Terms and Conditions
    • Privacy Statement
    • Software Legal Notices
    • End User License Agreement