Commvault and Lyve Cloud 

Get modular and scalable backup storage that’s available when you need it. 

The Lyve Cloud and Commvault Solution Advantage

Achieve high levels of data durability and data protection for backup storage targets with Lyve® Cloud and Commvault. From terabytes to multiple petabytes, our flexible solutions scale to meet your ever-growing cloud backup needs.

Frictionless Cloud

Utilize rich data management capabilities to seamlessly move backups to an S3-compatible and highly scalable cloud storage platform.

Access Backup Data for Analytics

Unlock value from your legacy backups by moving them to always-on active cloud storage.

Scale with Ease and Predictable Economics

Build your backup storage with modular systems or easily scale with our efficient, affordable backup storage as a service.

High-Availability Backup Storage

When it comes to your backup target system, reliability is non-negotiable.

Don’t wait for your own data.

Access it anytime with best-in-class availability.

We’re making multicloud
easier to manage.

Find out how Lyve Cloud makes it simpler
to store, move, and access data at scale.