Smart Cities and Security

Build a safer, more sustainable, and more accessible data-driven city with Lyve Cloud.

Seamless data management for today’s smart city.

Lyve® Cloud makes it easy to receive, aggregate, and store data at every endpoint.

View Endpoint Data Anytime
Best-in-class availability and durability ensure that data can be accessed from IoT devices whenever it’s needed.
Multicloud Freedom
Integrate into existing infrastructure and transfer data across public and private clouds.
Enhance Security
Safeguard data with object immutability, enterprise-grade identity management, and data encryption at rest and in flight.
Predictable Pricing
Seamlessly scale data and take your city’s storage budget further with no egress or API fees.

We’re making multicloud easier to manage.

Find out how Lyve Cloud makes it simpler to store, move, and access data at scale.


Built for Demanding Video and Analytics

Find out how to store data from a handful of camera streams—to thousands—in real time.

Meet Our Partners

We’ve teamed up with the industry’s best to build solutions that bring you value.

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