Zadara and Lyve Cloud

Deploy and scale elastic compute resources for data workloads.


The Lyve Cloud and Zadara solution advantage.

With a shared focus on multicloud compatibility, pay-as-you-go pricing, and global availability, Seagate and Zadara have joined forces to offer scalable compute resources for data workloads in the cloud. Zadara’s zCompute offering enables Lyve® Cloud customers to develop, deploy, run, and virtualize any application. Get enterprise-grade compute for any workload.

Predictable Pricing

Pay only for what you use with simple, consumption-based pricing. No hidden costs, no long-term commitments, and no egress or ingress fees.

Predefined and Customizable Compute Instances

Zadara provides several virtual machine images that are ready to use. You can also fully customize your own images as needed.

Easy Self-Service Provisioning

Set up your zCompute infrastructure in minutes using a web-based GUI and REST API.

Auto Scale Groups

zCompute auto scaling automatically scales compute resources to ensure high availability, consistent performance, and efficient resource utilization.

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