NAS OS App Developer Guide


NASOS SDK Version 0.7 (see changelog)
Copyright Copyright © 2016 Seagate
Date 2016-01-15

This document will teach you how to use the Seagate NAS OS SDK, which provides an environment to create, debug and deploy apps for Seagate NAS OS products.

It provides a virtual machine that contains all the necessary tools for app creation.

Apps are additional software that can be installed inside NAS OS. They are based on a container system, which provides isolation from the NAS OS itself, thus providing improved security and easier maintenance.

An API allows leveraging the power of NAS OS by giving apps access to most of its features and resources.

NAS OS contains an internal app store, with detailed publishing information, and a secure app signing mechanism, which guarantees both the origin and the integrity of each app.

Getting Started

We recommend that you start with the Getting Started section, where you will learn how to install the NAS OS SDK and create your first app.

Understanding Apps

Then you can proceed with the section Understanding Apps where you will learn more about the various concepts of apps and the NAS OS SDK.

Using the NAS API

For more integrated apps, Using the NAS API describes how to access NAS OS resources.

Connecting to NAS Events

For more dynamic apps, Connecting to NAS Events teaches how an app can receive or send NAS events.

Debugging your App

The Debugging your App section will show you how to deploy your app on your NAS and the available debugging tools.

Sample Apps Tutorials

You will also find some tutorials which can further help in creating your app.

Publishing your App

Finally, we provide help about Publishing your App for when your app is ready to be distributed.