Cloud Import Service User Manual & Reference Guide
Cloud Import Service 

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Lyve Mobile with Cloud Import

Lyve Mobile with Data Transfer from Seagate® is a high-capacity edge storage solution that enables businesses to aggregate, store, move, and activate their data. Scalable and modular, this integrated solution eliminates network dependencies so you can transfer mass data sets in a fast, secure, and efficient manner. With our new cloud import option, your data can be saved securely on the device and imported to the cloud destination of your choice.

The solutions are delivered as a service—you order and pay only for the devices you need, when you need them. Take a right-sized approach to your data transfer needs with flexible service plan options designed to optimize your budget. Adapt to changing project needs by adjusting your subscription at any time.

Cloud Import Process Overview

  1. Sign in to Lyve Management Portal. If you do not have an account, register at
  2. Create a Lyve Mobile with Cloud Import project.
  3. Configure the import plan for your project.
  4. Move data onto your Lyve Mobile Array(s).
  5. Send Mobile Array(s) to a Seagate import site.
  6. After completion of the import, verify your files in your cloud destination and confirm the import in Lyve Management Portal.
  7. Device(s) are cryptographically erased. A confirmation document detailing the erasure is sent.

Security and Lyve Mobile with Cloud Import

You should always utilize best practices of ensuring encrypted data transfer protocols between Lyve Mobile and your cloud provider. Seagate provides a highly secure data center and network architecture that is built to meet the requirements of most security-sensitive organizations. Third-party agencies also regularly review and test the security of our systems, architecture, and processes. When storing your cloud destination credentials, all your information is transmitted and stored with industry standard encryption and access can only be requested by your device.

However, ensuring your data is protected is a shared responsibility that requires you to follow your organization’s security policies, maintain the sensitivity of your data, and align with applicable laws and regulations.

Key terms

Import destination—An import destination is a cloud and region where your data will be imported to.

Import plan—An import plan is tied to a project and contains the details which Seagate uses to import your data to your specified import destination. These details include credentials required to authenticate access to your cloud destination’s resources and services.