Cloud Import Service User Manual & Reference Guide
Cloud Import Service 

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Invite Another User to Configure an Import Plan

If a different member of your organization needs to configure the import plan for a project, you can invite them to do so in Lyve Management Portal.

  • Go to and sign in. Enter a verification code to continue to Lyve Management Portal.
  • Click User Management in the navigation bar.
  • Click on the Quick Action dropdown menu and select Add User. Alternatively, click Add User in one of the user role descriptions.
  • Provide details for the new user such as their name and contact information.
  • Select the project(s) that you would like to assign to this user.
  • Select the import destination(s) that this user can view and add to import plans.

The invited user will receive an email with a link to register their account. The user will need to complete the account registration in order to configure the plan.