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System Fails to P.O.S.T. When an External USB Drive is Connected on Bootup

Troubleshooting tips if your computer fails to boot when an external drive is connected.

This usually means that the USB Device option is enabled in the System BIOS' Boot Order or Boot Sequence.

Please do the following:

  1. Access your system's BIOS
    Note: Please refer to your system or motherboard manufacturer's documentation for available BIOS Access and Settings options.
  2. Locate the BIOS' Boot Order or Boot Sequence setting
  3. Select the "USB..." (verbiage may vary) option and Disable it
  4. Save this BIOS change and exit the BIOS Setup to restart your computer

Additional Information: Some System BIOS' may not include the ability to disable USB devices from the Boot Order/Boot Sequence. If this is the case, it is recommended that you disconnect the USB External Drive from your system until the system is fully started into the Operating System; at which time, you can connect the USB Drive to your system.

Note:  Dell and other machines have an option for "USB Emulation".  Disabling this setting (with the external USB drive disconnected) has been observed to overcome this error condition.