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Exploring Different Xbox Game Drives

From capacity to the design and look, there are a variety of Game Drives you can get to support your Xbox. Let’s break them down.

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And All the Fixins

If you are looking for ultra high capacity storage and a place to charge and connect your essential gaming accessories, then the Game Drive Hub for Xbox might be right for you. Encased in sharp white housing that perfectly matches the Xbox One S, it has 8TB (200+ games) ready for games and two additional USB ports ready to sync up with your necessities!

Loads in a Flash

To take advantage of our super-fast solid state flash technology, Seagate has made the Game Drive for Xbox SSD. Small, sleek and super portable - this Game Drive plugs right into any available USB port and the Xbox automatically detects it for installation.

With the Game Drive for Xbox SSD, we recommend making it your primary install drive to take advantage of it’s faster boot and load times for your games. And with capacities of 500GB (15+ games), 1TB (25+ games) and 2TB (50+ games), you can find the fast loading Game Drive that’s perfect for your library.

In addition, when you purchase a Game Drive for Xbox SSD you’ll get a two month trial membership of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. That’s access to over 100 exclusive, high quality Xbox One games!

Ultimate Special Edition

Seagate Game Pass Ultimate Special Edition Game Drive comes wrapped in Xbox One white and boasts 2TB and 4TB options. The 2TB drive includes one month of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and the 4TB drive includes two months. And don’t worry, if you are already an Xbox Game Pass member this deal will stack right on top of your existing membership—giving you the extra months for free.

To get the most out of your Xbox console, head to Inside Gaming with Seagate for more video tips and how-to walkthroughs.

Thanks for reading and happy gaming ✌