Oct 30, 2000

Seagate Targets Storage Area Network in Asia Pacific

SINGAPORE - XIOtech Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of Seagate Technology (NYSE:SEG), and a leader in virtualized storage and Storage Area Network (SAN) solutions, today announced that it will be committing significant resources to launching new products, services, and an expansion of its sales strategy to provide SAN solutions to the fast growing SAN marketplace in Asia Pacific. These solutions and services will help customers manage information and transactions efficiently across increasingly complex, multi-vendor networks.

"By establishing a presence in the Asia Pacific region, XIOtech has moved strategically to align themselves with new and existing Seagate customers by offering them leading-edge SAN solutions," said Joel Stead, senior vice president, Worldwide Sales & Marketing. "SAN is one of the emerging markets that will spark the future growth of storage and through XIOtech. Seagate is committed to growing its business in this new marketplace."

XIOtech pledges support toward developing collaborative industry SAN standards by participating in the Storage Networking Industry Association's (SNIA) workgroups. Seagate is a voting member in SNIA. XIOtech has also announced that it will step up its involvement in developing and implementing fibre channel standards and interoperability through its new membership in the Fibre Channel Industry Association (FCIA).

"XIOtech's SAN solutions conform to all standards that have been set forth to date, and the inherent flexibility of our products make it possible to conform to additional standards as they are set by organisations such as SNIA and FCIA. We plan to be a driving force for the mainstream market acceptance of fibre channel technology and SAN topology," commented Ed Dieter, manager of International Sales for XIOtech.

International Data Corporation (IDC) research indicates that an increasing number of organizations now spend a larger proportion of their IT budgets on storage than on servers, with SAN being a key driver for this trend. The emergence of SAN enables users to expand their storage infrastructure beyond the limitations imposed by a server-attached storage infrastructure and the associated management capabilities of a SAN provide exhaustive benefits to an organization. According to IDC Asia Pacific 2000, the growth of SAN is expected to move beyond the $1,000 million mark in storage revenue by 2004 as storage networking lays the foundation for the more effective management of enterprise data.

"As a pioneer in the SAN initiative and a leader in virtualized storage architecture, XIOtech is leveraging its position to deliver on the promise of SANs for our customersinteroperability between vendor systems and true data sharing," added Stead.

The XIOtech MAGNITUDE conforms to open systems standards and incorporates all SAN components into one centralized configuration: a high-performance storage controller, SAN management software, and up to 64 disc drives, or 4.6 terabytes of storage. The MAGNITUDE is the only SAN designed from the ground up to include a virtualized storage architecture. XIOtech's Real-time Data Intelligence (REDI) architecture aggregates all physical drive spindles within a MAGNITUDE into one virtual pool. The result is a SAN that scales easily to accommodate growing storage needs. Virtualization also removes installation and operational complexities, enables multi-platform servers to share volumes of data, and improves data availability as capacity and servers can be added on the fly. The MAGNITUDE uniquely protects a customer's current investment as new technologies can co-exist with legacy components. XIOtech's virtualized architecture also extends to multiple MAGNITUDEs on a network enabling near infinite scalability, remote mirroring, remote backup and more efficient data migration processes.

SAN technology plays an increasingly critical role in how digital information is stored and managed in the Internet era. It offer the scalability and manageability advantages of today's network architecture while significantly increasing network performance by eliminating bottlenecks on the information superhighway. SAN technology enables migration of critical types of information intelligence from servers to storage platforms. These intelligent storage platforms can connect directly to the network and to each other, liberating server bandwidth, significantly increasing network performance and reliability, and substantially reducing network management costs.

Acquired in January 2000, XIOtech Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of Seagate, designs, manufactures and markets complete Storage Area Network (SAN) solutions tailored to the information storage needs of its customers. The XIOtech MAGNITUDE SAN is based on XIOtech's exclusive Real-Time Data Intelligence (REDI) Storage Architecture, which was the first in the industry to incorporate storage virtualization. The MAGNITUDE, along with the company's comprehensive suite of application-specific software, makes storing, managing, safeguarding and retrieving data on heterogeneous computing platforms easy and cost-effective. Founded in 1995, the company's growing list of customers include Fortune 2000 firms in the fields of finance, insurance, manufacturing, retail, healthcare, education, government, e-commerce and imaging. For more information, visit XIOtech's Web site at www.xiotech.com, call (612) 828-5980, or email info@xiotech.com

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