Feb 13, 2017

Seagate Helps Strengthen Federal Cybersecurity With New Data Encryption Capabilities

Integration with Fornetix Advanced Encryption Key Management Technology Empowers Federal Agencies to Cost-Effectively Defend Against Evolving Cybersecurity Threats

SAN FRANCISCO, CA –Feb. 13, 2017–Seagate Technology plc (NASDAQ: STX) announced that its portfolio hard drives and solid-state drives designed to meet stringent federal security standards now integrate with advanced encryption key management software and services from Fornetix, LLC. The integration gives federal government agencies another line of defense against external and internal cybersecurity threats by providing a more secure and easier way to manage and ensure data encryption.

“Secure data storage is a universal need, but organizations like federal agencies face additional pressures when it comes to security, encryption and ensuring data is accessible to only those who should have access,” said Deb Oliver, president, Seagate Government Solutions. “Seagate has a long history of providing technologies that meet the most stringent security standards, and our integration with Fornetix extends this commitment by deepening the security we provide down to the key management level.”

Led by the Seagate Government Solutions business, the integration involves Seagate drives that meet Federal Information Processing Standard Publication 140-2 (FIPS PUB140-2) requirements, a U.S. government computer security standard used for approving cryptographic modules. The Seagate FIPS PUB140-2 drives now integrate with Fornetix Key Orchestration products and services, which help manage the digital keys found on drives that help secure data. The resulting combination makes it easier to dynamically manage and re-key drives as needed — an often cumbersome and difficult process — without compromising data security.

Seagate offers FIPS PUB140-2-compliant drives, which are included in this integration. These drives are also compatible with storage appliances and systems, including Seagate’s ClusterStor® Secure Data Appliance (SDA), the industry’s first secure scale-out parallel file system solution. Developed specifically for the federal market, ClusterStor SDA enables tens of thousands of users with different security classifications to connect to a single-server storage environment, allowing access to only those who should have it. The inclusion of FIPS PUB140-2 drives with Fornetix Key Orchestration products adds another layer of encryption-based security to meet federal data management needs without the additional overhead traditionally associated with added encryption tools.

“Fornetix is teaming up with Seagate to help expand the level of data encryption capabilities we’re able to offer the federal government and other organizations,” said Jack Wright, chief operating officer and acting chief executive officer, Fornetix, LLC. “Our secure key management, coupled with Seagate’s experience securely managing data from the drive to the systems level, provides users with a set of technology tools that make data encryption more affordable, secure and easier to manage.”

The integrated Seagate and Fornetix products are also part of the Multilevel Security (MLS) Ecosystem, a joint effort in collaboration with multiple organizations to address data security requirements for the federal government. The products comply with the MLS Ecosystem’s framework of integrated, automated technology that enables secure workflow for government customers, eliminating costly data stovepipes while accommodating various levels of security clearance from a single storage platform.

Seagate and Fornetix products are currently available from Seagate Government Solutions. Both companies will demonstrate their product integrations at the RSA Conference 2017 in the Fornetix booth #S2743 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, Calif., Feb. 13-17.

About Fornetix, LLC

Fornetix is an advanced encryption/key management software company based in Northern Virginia. We are a Team of 70 cybersecurity and business experts that are mission driven to reverse the tide of eroding cybersecurity. Our solution is Key Orchestration.

About Seagate Government Solutions

Seagate Government Solutions is a U.S.-based business entity of Seagate Technology LLC focused on the federal government’s big data, scale-out storage, and security needs. Seagate Government Solutions will draw from Seagate’s purpose-engineered storage and security storage technology – encompassing a robust supply chain, from components and storage devices to file systems – to deliver the levels of security, performance, efficiency, complexity reduction and risk mitigation especially needed in this space.

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