Samsung Auto Backup

Samsung Auto Backup software is bundled with Samsung external drives and allows for real-time mode or scheduled mode backups.

Release Notes

Real-time mode
When a file or folder is modified or added, the corresponding file or folder is backed up in real time.


Scheduled mode
Auto Backup can automatically launch backups at scheduled times.



  • Step 1

    Select Install Samsung Auto Backup to begin to install Samsung Auto Backup.

  • Step 2

    The initial screen of the InstallShield Wizard will appear after the initial stages have been processed.

  • Step 3

    In the next screen, select Install Samsung Auto Backup.

  • Step 4

    Click Next to proceed to the next screen.

  • Step 5

    The end user license agreement screen will appear. Read this agreement carefully.

  • Step 6

    If you agree to the terms and conditions of the user agreement, click Yes.

  • Step 7

    A screen will appear, asking you to select a folder in which to install Samsung Auto Backup. Browse to a folder and click Next.

  • Step 8

    A screen will appear, asking you to select a program folder for Samsung Auto Backup. Select a program folder to which to add the Samsung Auto Backup icon and click Next.

  • Step 9

    A screen will appear, displaying the installation's progress.

    Step 10

    When installation is complete, a screen will appear, asking you to reboot the system either now or later. After making a selection, click Finish to complete the installation.

  • User Guide

    For more information, see the Samsung Auto Backup Manual.