Samsung NTFS for Mac Driver (10.6 and 10.8)

This software will allow the Samsung external drive to be writable without the need to reformat from the default NTFS partition. Without this driver the NTFS partition is read only. If you have reformatted the drive to HFS+ format then this driver is not needed.

Release Notes

Please note that product performance may vary between operating systems.


    Step 1

    Click the download link below to download the driver.

  • Step 2

    Note: The installer does require a reboot, so be sure to save any open documents or files before installing.

    Double-click NTFS_for_Mac_14.0.456.dmg to start the installation.

  • Step 3

    Follow the steps of the install wizard and reboot when prompted.


    The Samsung drive should now be writable, no further action required.

Software Version:14.0.456