SeaTools Linux Enterprise Edition

Ideal for SCSI or Fibre Channel drives in servers and workstations. Tests multiple drives simultaneously and sequentially. This version does not test ATA or SATA.

Release Notes

Features: Eliminates downtime in your Linux and Windows server environments
Access: Download the Windows version or the Linux Command Line version
Compatible with Linux and Windows XP/2000/NT/Me/98/95
Download sizes: Windows – 2.8 MB, Linux Command Line – 230 KB


    More Information

    For instructions on how to use this software, view the tutorial.


    SeaTools is your first line of defense for utilities that help you and your customers save:

    • Time
    • Money
    • Data

    "Since using SeaTools, we've seen a 20 percent improvement in our RMA rate. If all our customers used SeaTools, the reduction in cost to them would be $365,000."
    – Mike Machin, Director of Engineering Bell Micro Latin America


    SeaTools Enterprise Edition features include:

    • Ability to test multiple SCSI and Fibre Channel drives simultaneously or sequentially
    • Ability to keep your server up and running while testing
    • Data safe tests
    • Drive self tests
    • Formatting options
    • Drive preferences setting
    • Log file of results

    Software runs under Windows XP/2000/Me/NT/9x and Linux.