SeaTools for DOS

The quick diagnostic tool that checks the health of your drive.

Release Notes

Supported Languages: English, Deutsch, Español, Italiano, Português, 中文(简体), 中文(繁體), 日本語 ,한국 (한국어), Tiếng Việt, русском, ภาษาไทย


System Requirements:

  • At least one (1) disc drive. Seagate Technology or Maxtor-brand disc drives will support enhanced features
  • SVGA 1,024 x 768 or greater graphics capability
  • An IBM/Intel-compatible PC with a 386 or greater processor
  • CD-ROM or 1.44MB floppy disc drive for the bootable SeaTools application


For older versions of this software, see our Legacy SeaTools page.


  • Step 1

    In order to use the newest SeaTools for DOS, download the bootable CD image version to your desktop.

  • Step 2

    Burn the .ISO file to a CD. View Knowledge Base article 201431 for instructions on how to do this.

  • Step 3

    Once the bootable media has been created, boot up the computer with the media in the drive. If it does not boot up from the media, the boot order may need to be adjusted in the computer BIOS. See Knowledge Base article 184971 or the user guide for your computer for information on changing the boot sequence.


    NOTE: If you have any difficulty booting up with this version, please use one of the legacy versions of SeaTools for DOS.

    Step 4

    To run SeaTools, accept the End User Licence Agreement and follow the on-screen instructions or view the tutorial for more details.

  • More Information

    SeaTools for DOS uses the FreeDOS kernel, which is distributed under the terms of the GNU GPL.


    To obtain a copy of the FreeDOS kernel we used:

    Download a copy of the source code from our website.
    Request a copy of the source code by email.
    Obtain the most recent copy from the FreeDOS website at