Business Storage Rackmount NAS - How to Download

Provides instructions for using the Network Assistant to download files directly to the Rackmount NAS device.

The NAS OS Download page helps you automate file retrieval and free up computer resources. Please follow the procedure below to create a Download job to download files from the Internet (PDF, bitmap, torrent) or upload from a computer on the network (torrent):

  1. In the left sidebar under Data Management, please select Download iconDownload.
  2. If desired, select Configure download settings and set parameters for the download (download/upload rates, max number of downloads).
  3. Select Add download.
  4. Input the URL of the online file or torrent that you desire to download, or browse for a file on your local disk.

    New download box
  5. Choose the share where you wish store the file by clicking Select folder. You will have the option to create a new folder for the file.
  6. Select Save and the download will begin.