Drive Serial Number Detection on non-Seagate USB Devices

Download and usage instructions for a small program that can detect and display the serial and model number of any Seagate USB drive connected to a computer.

Installing a Seagate disk drive into an external device is one of the most popular types of storage. USB storage is portable and easily recognized by the operating system. 

However, sometimes it is difficult to read the specific Model and Serial Number information of the SATA disk drive in non-Seagate USB devices.   All Seagate devices have the serial numbers printed on the external case itself.

The USB Drive List utility may be helpful displaying the drive information for non-Seagate devices.  For example, this screen from a Do-It-Yourself USB kit shows one Seagate drive is detected with model, serial number and the current firmware revision on the drive.  The USB Drive List utility supports many, but not all, USB chipsets. 


Download USB drive list

Should you need a firmware update please check Download Finder