This article is for informational purposes only and no longer being updated by Seagate.

Understanding and Diagnosing the lights on your FreeAgent Theater AV Dock.

Discussion of light behavior the FreeAgent Theater dock.
  1. The power button is equipped with dual colors: Amber and White.
  2. The Select, Menu, Pause/Play, and Stop buttons illuminate White only.
  3. If the power light is off, no power is being supplied to the unit. Check that your power supply is plugged in, power strip is turned on, and wall outlets are operational.
  4. After connecting power to the Theater AV dock the power light will illuminate amber, and start its standby sequence. The power light will flash for roughly 30 seconds and remain solid when it reaches stand by. The power light should remain illuminated whenever  power is connected.
  5. Pressing the power button on the remote control or the Theater AV dock should illuminate all buttons solid white with exception to the power button which will alternate between amber and white for about five seconds before remaining solid white.
  6. After the above sequence completes the FreeAgent Theater should be viewable on your TV screen.  At this time plugging any storage devices should take roughly 10 seconds before they are accessible from the FreeAgent Theater TV interface.

Error conditions Indicated by blinking lights.
The power light will blink an error code when something has gone wrong.

1. Power light blinking 1 Amber and 1 White light continuously, indicates a memory error.

  • Try disconnecting the power, re-connecting, and powering the unit back on to clear the error.
  • If that didn’t fix the problem, go to the Seagate web site, download the latest firmware and upgrade the firmware on your Theater AV dock.
  • If the firmware upgrade doesn’t repair the error, and you know the power supply is OK replace the Theater AV dock.

2. Power light blinking 1 White and 3 Amber indicates a firmware upgrade error.

  • This error can be caused by, a bad Theater AV dock, corrupt firmware, bad memory stick, power interrupt, or operator error.
  • Re-format your memory stick, download a fresh version of the firmware, and perform the firmware upgrade procedure again.
  • Make sure the power doesn’t get interrupted during the firmware upgrade process.
  • If the second firmware flash doesn’t fix the problem try plugging, and re-plugging the power.
  • Try resetting to factory defaults. With the unit powered on press and hold the reset button for 10 seconds and release. Upon restart you should see a prompt to select a language.
  • If all the above mentioned procedures don’t fix the 1 White 3 Amber error code, replace the unit. 

3. Power light blinking White continuously indicates an HDD SMART failure.

  • This is not a problem with the Theater; it is a problem with a hard disk drive that is connected to the Theater.
  • Remove any hard disk drives that are connected to the Theater dock and test them with Seagate’s Seatools hard disk diagnostic utility on a PC. If you are connecting to the Theater with a competitors hard disk via the external USB port, remove the drive and test with that manufacturer’s diagnostic software on a PC.