Will my drive work with Snow Leopard (MacOS 10.6)?

List of compatible devices with MacOS 10.6 (Snow Leopard) and related information.

Snow Leopard was released to the public in late August 2009 and Seagate has evaluated the current product lines to determine which ones will work with MacOS 10.6 (Snow Leopard).  For our external drive products whose hardware is supported, Apple Time Machine is a very good backup solution.
For more information on Apple Time Machine, please see:


Product Hardware supported Software supported
FreeAgent GoFlex Yes Yes (See Document ID: 216951 for details and limitations)
FreeAgent GoFlex Home Yes Yes
FreeAgent GoFlex TV Yes Yes
FreeAgent GoFlex Net Yes Yes
Seagate Replica Yes No
Maxtor Basics Family Yes NA
Seagate BlackArmor external drives Yes No
FreeAgent Go for Mac Yes Diagnostics - Yes
FreeAgent Desk for Mac Yes No
FreeAgent Desktop (brown drive) Yes No**
FreeAgent DockStar Yes Yes
FreeAgent Theater+ Yes Yes
BlackArmor NAS Yes Discovery software version 1.2.1
OneTouch 4 Yes* No**


* Drive Lock feature not supported under this new operating system.  Locked drives would need to be unlocked prior to using with MacOS 10.6

** These products were developed for MacOS 10.4.x prior to the release of Time Machine. Time Machine is a well suited backup software, so these backup software packages have not been updated for use under MacOS 10.6.

Note: Installing the Seagate Diagnostic software for Mac will disable the auto-sleep features on the FreeAgent Desktop and OneTouch 4 drives, so the drive sleep will be controlled by the MacOS sleep feature.