Benefits of Cloud Video Surveillance

Learn how cloud video surveillance delivers flexible, scalable, and secure video recording to elevate business surveillance.

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Security is a major concern for property owners. Signs, locks, alarms, and other mechanisms for preventing intrusion provide a basic means for reducing potential criminal activity.

Video surveillance is a comprehensive security feature that provides property owners with a means to continuously monitor for potential criminal activity. Modern video surveillance can stop vandalism, prevent theft, and improve the overall level of public safety. Cameras make it less likely that assaults and other violent crimes will occur.

While cameras are a great option for property owners, they can be expensive and difficult to manage. That’s where cloud video surveillance comes in handy.

What Is Cloud Managed Video Surveillance?

Cloud-based video surveillance gives users the ability to access their live feeds and recordings online from a remote location. This setup makes it easy to keep an eye on your property, no matter where you are.

Users who turn to cloud-managed video surveillance for their security needs will be able to easily determine which events occurred so they can take legal action against the perpetrators.

Are Cloud Security Cameras Safe?

When using cloud storage for video surveillance, the feed is directed over the internet. This routing could potentially allow unauthorized parties to access the data. Such a possibility has led some to speculate that cloud-based video surveillance systems aren’t safe.

In reality, users who properly manage their cloud video surveillance systems can improve the safety of their setup. With the right IT support solutions in place, property owners can prevent vulnerabilities from putting their security systems at risk.

Can CCTV Footage be Stored in the Cloud?

Closed-circuit television (CCTV) feeds are generally thought of as closed-loop systems that go to a single location. This routing is considered to be a feature of their security. However, transmitting to a single location isn’t always necessary for CCTV feeds.

Cloud storage for video surveillance is a perfect way for CCTV footage to be secured. With the cloud, CCTV users can have a full backup of all of their footage, allowing them to protect their property from any location.

Cloud Video Surveillance for Enterprises

For most large organizations, video surveillance is a necessary investment that gives them added protection against potential crimes as well as liability coverage if accidents occur. Enterprise businesses can reap the benefits of cloud surveillance to protect their critical assets without adding unnecessary overhead to their operating budgets.

With a cloud video surveillance system in place, decision-makers can review incidents and support their team members with a safer work environment.

There are many scenarios that enterprise organizations need to plan for. With a fully managed video surveillance system, businesses can build powerful security features with a wide range of capabilities.

Existing Surveillance Challenges

There are many challenges for property owners with existing surveillance systems. These legacy systems can lead to ongoing criminal activity and stolen or damaged property.

Existing systems often lack features such as online storage, notifications, and remote access. They also require the investment of a great deal of time and money to function properly. Understanding the scope of a property’s security needs and how to address gaps requires professional attention that many users may not be able to give.

Many of these challenges can be resolved by deploying cloud-based video surveillance systems across your property.

Benefits of Cloud Video Surveillance

Businesses and landowners should consider the ways that cloud video surveillance can help them reduce potential crimes on their properties. With the added protection, criminals will think twice before committing crimes that might be recorded.

There are many benefits to using a cloud-based video surveillance solution. They are not only more reliable, but they also have added features that can be used to improve security and accessibility for managers and administrators.

Remote Reliability

One of the biggest benefits of cloud video surveillance is continuous access to surveillance systems for monitoring events and taking needed actions.

With remote support options, users can effectively secure their property against criminal activity without the need for a local feed. This setup provides a great deal of flexibility when viewing and storing feeds for later use.

Better Security and Monitoring

While traditional video surveillance systems are a great solution for property owners and managers that want to reduce crimes, there are limitations when it comes to security. Local video feeds require constant attention and can be accessed physically by anyone.

Cloud-managed video surveillance gives users access to the best security and monitoring solutions without the need to invest in local solutions. This approach improves visibility without adding unnecessary costs.

Increased Data Security

When it comes to security, it’s essential to think about the entire lifecycle from start to finish. While some might perceive cloud storage for video surveillance as a risky option, it provides a means for users to take full control over their digital security.

Cloud-managed video surveillance architecture offers a simplified way for all stakeholders to easily access and manage their data. This setup allows businesses and landowners to reduce the exposure that comes with sharing data across a network and increases their data security in the process.

Easy Access

With traditional video surveillance systems, users can only view their feeds from a specific location. This setup might add some security, but it also makes it more difficult to view feeds and make important decisions.

Cloud storage for video surveillance makes it easy for users to access their files from anywhere and on any device. Managed cloud storage solutions provide powerful tools, platforms, and support to property owners who want to view and record from their security systems at any time of day.

Data Transparency

Knowing where data comes from, how it’s stored, and how it’s used is essential for promoting lawful conduct. This approach gives an individual or business some leverage if they have to take legal action after an incident.

With a traditional surveillance system, it’s harder to assess who has viewed or made a copy of a feed, making it harder to ensure the validity of videos.

Property owners who want to ensure their recordings and live feeds are used for a legitimate purpose can use cloud storage for video surveillance to keep track of users and digital assets. Outsourced video surveillance solutions provide authentication and user management capabilities that can be used to ensure data is properly cared for.

Scalable Storage

One of the biggest problems with traditional video surveillance systems is the need for more funds, equipment, and personnel for larger-scale deployments.

More cameras, support systems, and storage mean more investment is required. This bloat can make it difficult for a small-to-mid-sized business to create cost-effective growth and scale effectively.

Cloud storage for video surveillance is a powerful solution for property owners who don’t have the time or budget to invest in expensive security infrastructure. With online digital asset management and security capabilities, businesses that need scalable storage have access to the latest features for their video surveillance needs.

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