What Is Immutable Storage and Why Should You Use It?

Immutable cloud storage ensures an organization's records and data remain unaltered, protected, and compliant.

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Imagine someone is trying to break into your living space. But, every time they remove the lock, another lock takes its place. No matter what they do, they can't get in. Apply that principle to data and we have what engineers call immutable storage.  

What Is Immutable Cloud Storage? 

 Immutable storage is a broad term referring to data storage that cannot be edited, altered, or deleted. Industries started with immutable storage hardware, including hard drives, tapes, and other read-only forms of media. These are on-premise forms that can fall victim to physical degradation over time and require a storage location—two factors that are less than ideal for 2022’s remote, global workplace.  

Many companies today choose immutable cloud storage to protect and preserve data for a predetermined amount of time, making it impervious to ransomware attacks and other cyber malfeasance. It’s stored in what can be described as suspended animation,  unalterable and undeletable.  

What Is an Immutable Backup? 

The term immutable backup refers to a backup copy of main files that cannot be edited or deleted. Many businesses use an immutable backup to ensure they have a secure backup if their main data server is attacked or jeopardized. Oftentimes, businesses cannot rely on traditional backups, as they can fall victim to nefarious encryption or cyberattacks. Having a secure backup ensures businesses can get their files back up and running, and reduces the risk of prolonged digital interruption. 

How Does It Work? 

Data preserved within immutable cloud storage is protected by the write-once-read-many (WORM) mechanism. 

Configuring the immutable cloud storage triggers an object lock, which starts the metaphorical timer. This immutability flag locks your files in place for as long as you need. At that point, the files cannot be tampered with. And, unlike immutable on-premise storage, you don’t need a physical location to store them. 

With cloud storage, an employee can determine the duration of time they want a file saved in a particular format.  Although it is possible to select an indefinite amount of time, that isn’t normally chosen, as data rarely needs to be kept forever.  

Benefits of Immutable Storage  

There are a host of benefits to immutable storage, such as:  

Data Protection 

Companies and internal teams don’t have to worry about their data. When hackers try to access your data, an error message greets them. There’s the lock. Businesses in the legal, healthcare, security, and scientific fields (just to name a few) rely on immutable data storage to make sure their highly sensitive files are safe and secure from tampering. In many cases, a breach in the security of this data can have serious consequences, so its safety is crucial. 


Immutable cloud storage aids in regulatory compliance by keeping copies of vital data and providing accessibility in the event that said data needs to be supplied for any reason, such as legal or medical cases. This is especially beneficial in industries with strong compliance codes. Having this data held in what is basically a repository ensures that organizations can maintain compliance over the course of months, years, and so on.  

Backup Data Security 

Typical backup data options can be faulty for optimal security. If company data demands mass-scale protection—such as those of a global enterprise—immutable cloud storage delivers. Its inherent inability to be compromised makes it ideal for industries that house sensitive or compliant-heavy data.  

Why Do Enterprises Need Immutable Storage? 

Immutable storage is ideal for enterprises that need to bolster traditional storage options. It allows them to defend against cyberattacks, maintain safety and security, adhere to regulatory compliance laws, and keep clients and customers safe from data breaches. Many companies across most industry can fall victim to data breaches. Losing sensitive client data can be catastrophic, potentially resulting in lawsuits and financial losses. Immutable storage means those companies can safeguard critical data and keep themselves (and their clients) out of harm’s way. 

Cloud Storage Solutions to Consider 

The right storage can make all the difference for enterprises looking to securely house their data—whether in the form of archives, applications, backups, and so on. Lyve Cloud offers a trusted, efficient, and secure platform for mass-capacity storage. Our unlimited data storage options—combined with a highly fault-tolerant, resilient system—preserves the integrity of your data. Our storage solutions are designed to meet even the most stringent service-level agreements regarding data availability and durability.  

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Lyve Cloud for Storage 

Lyve Cloud’s straightforward, capacity-based pricing supports limitless scalability without breaking the bank.  

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