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SkyHawk Video Hard Drives

SkyHawk™ drives are smart, safe, and secure for NVR applications

SkyHawk Hard Drive

We are sorry, that product is no longer in stock.

We are sorry, that product is no longer in stock.

SkyHawk AI

Designed for AI video analytics, SkyHawk AI supports up to 64 HD cameras and 32 additional AI streams while offering capacities up to 20TB. It delivers zero dropped frames with ImagePerfect AI and has enterprise-class workload rates at 550TB/yr for high reliability.


24×7 workloads can leverage up to 8TB with drives designed for DVR and NVR systems. SkyHawk video drives are equipped with enhanced ImagePerfect™ and SkyHawk Health Management to help you sail through your toughest challenges.

Drive Health and Data Recovery

When integrated into compatible NVR systems, these drives provide overall system reliability increases due to SkyHawk Health Management (SHM).1

In addition, the SkyHawk drives include a robust three- year Rescue Data Recovery Services plan.

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  1. Five-year limited warranty applies to products shipped after July 3,2021. Check with your reseller on more information.

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