Lyve Cloud Archive

Simple, cost-effective object storage for occasional data access.

Access Your Archive Without Penalties

Get instant access to archive and secondary data for applications that don’t require constant data access with Seagate® Lyve Cloud Archive. Designed for archival use cases in multicloud environments—including secondary backup copies, data lakes, tape archive replacements, and more—this secure content repository removes hidden costs and storage-tier complexity to empower direct data access with lower multicloud TCO.

Made for Archive

An ideal repository with SLAs for archive and secondary data plus 99% availability and ransomware protection.

Better TCO for Multicloud Archive

Zero charges for moving or accessing data when compared to solutions with multi-tiered cloud environments.

Immediate Secondary Data Access

Supports instant retrieval of archive and secondary data copies without costly delays.

No Penalties for Writes and Reads

Add, delete, or replace data without limitations or transaction fees.

Managed Migration Services

Legacy Data Meets the Cloud

Optimize your data with data migration, media migration, and digitization.

Lyve Cloud

Multicloud Freedom as a Service

Cost-effective object storage for multicloud users.