To set up electronic messaging with Seagate, please complete either the EDIFACT Information Form or ANSI X12 Information Form, depending on the standard to be used, and email it to Additional information on these standards can be found at the EDIFACT and ANSI X12 governing body web sites.

Please note that eBusiness setup is supported in English, only.

Supported Message Types

Electronic messages supported by Seagate are listed below. For EDIFACT, ANSI X12, CDM Vendor and EDI, click on a link to view the specification for formatting that message. For RosettaNet messages, please go to

Business Transaction Category EDIFACT-Message Type ANSI X12-Message Type RosettaNet-Message Type Sterling-Message Type

Purchase Order
Order Cycle ORDERS 850 PIP3A4 -----

Order Response
Order Cycle ORDRSP 855 PIP3A7 -----

Order Change
Order Cycle ORDCHG 860 PIP3A8 -----

Order Change Response
Order Cycle ORDRSP 865 PIP3A7 -----

Ship Notice (out)
Order Cycle DESADV 856 PIP3B2 -----

Order Cycle INVOIC 810 PIP3C3 -----

Distributor Sales Report
Channel Reporting SLSRPT 867 PIP4E1 -----

Distributor Inventory Report
Channel Reporting INVRPT 846 PIP4C1 -----

JIT Hub Ship Notice Manifest (in)
JIT Hub Reporting ----- ----- ----- Flat File

JIT Hub Ship Notice Manifest (out)
JIT Hub Reporting ----- ----- ----- Flat File

JIT Hub Receipt Advice
JIT Hub Reporting ----- ----- ----- Flat File

JIT Hub Inventory Report
JIT Hub Reporting ----- ----- ----- Flat File