eBusiness Options

What is eBusiness?

eBusiness is the electronic, computer-to-computer exchange of business data between trading partners using agreed-upon messaging standards and message types. eBusiness eliminates the need for manual processes involving the exchange of paper, faxes, or emails.

For example, when a purchase order is created in a customer’s order management system, the order is transmitted electronically from customer to supplier using one of the standard message types. The supplier’s fulfillment system then picks up the message automatically and begins processing the order without human intervention.

eBusiness advantages

  • Speed - It’s much faster to transfer data electronically than by using a manual process such as paper and mail.
  • Accuracy - Manual processes are inherently more error-prone. Electronic messaging eliminates the potential for errors caused by manual re-keying of data.
  • Simplicity – Messaging standards specify how data will be formatted and stored, enabling a clear, repeatable process.
  • Security - Messages are encrypted, secure from unauthorized access, and not vulnerable to virus attack.

What’s required?

  • An electronic gateway - communications software that receives and routes electronic messages.
  • Data transmission capability via a value-added network (VAN) service or direct, secure connection conforming to the AS2 standard.
  • A mail box for transmitting messages.
  • Resources and software to create translation maps for integrating messaging with back-end systems.
  • A staging environment to enable testing with trading partners.

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Message Types

Seagate supports the following messaging standards:

  • EDI – ANSI X12
  • RosettaNet

     Supported message types and guidelines