Why is my device "offline" within the Status screen?

If the Lyve Status screen is indicating that one or more of the devices associated with your account is offline, it’s likely that the device in question is simply not communicating with our services. Here are a few things to check:

  • If your device is low on memory (available space), it can appear as "offline" within Lyve. Free up some space on your device so Lyve can get back to work! But be careful - even though you're trying to free up space, be sure not to delete any original photos from your camera roll on your device!
  • Can the device in question get online and browse the internet as it would normally? If so, relaunch the Lyve app and check Status again.
  • Does the issue occur when the device is connected to a mobile network, Wi-Fi, or both? A device’s online status within Lyve is entirely dependent on a solid network connection, so try other apps and services on the device in question to validate the device’s connectivity.