Seagate Security Advisories

Thank you for visiting Seagate's Security Advisories Page. Below you will find security updates for its products including Seagate, LaCie and Maxtor.

To submit a new vulnerability to Seagate please email with the vulnerability details. PGP public key can be found here.


IssueProductsSolutionRelease Date

 CVE-2016-2118 - (a.k.a Badlock)

 LaCie 5Big NAS Pro
LaCie 2Big NAS
LaCie Cloudbox

 CVE-2016-2118 - (a.k.a Badlock)

 Seagate NAS
Seagate NAS Pro
Seagate Business Storage Rackmount 4-Bay NAS
Segate Business Storage Rackmount 8-Bay NAS
Download Finder   6/15/2016

CodeIgniter 2.1.0
PHP 5.2.3
and other exploits

Seagate Business Storage NAS Business Storage NAS- Increasing Security 5/1/2015
Seagate Wireless,Wireless Plus and LaCie Fuel Download Finder 9/1/2015