Seagate Security Advisories

To report a Seagate Product Security vulnerability for a specific Product (e.g. Internal Hard Drive, Portable External Drive) please send an email to, with details of the Product Security vulnerability. PGP public key can be found here.

To report a Seagate IT managed Website Security vulnerability or other IT managed infrastructure security vulnerability, please go to Seagate Responsible Vulnerability Disclosure Policy, fill out and submit the Bugcrowd form for proper reward consideration.


IssueProductsSolutionRelease Date

 CVE-2016-2118 - (a.k.a Badlock)

 LaCie 5Big NAS Pro
LaCie 2Big NAS
LaCie Cloudbox

 CVE-2016-2118 - (a.k.a Badlock)

 Seagate NAS
Seagate NAS Pro
Seagate Business Storage Rackmount 4-Bay NAS
Segate Business Storage Rackmount 8-Bay NAS
Download Finder   6/15/2016

CodeIgniter 2.1.0
PHP 5.2.3
and other exploits

Seagate Business Storage NAS Business Storage NAS- Increasing Security 5/1/2015
Seagate Wireless,Wireless Plus and LaCie Fuel Download Finder 9/1/2015