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How to Designate Your External Game Drive as Your Install Location

Five easy steps to designating your external hard drive as your XBOX’s default install location.

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5 easy steps to designate your external hard drive as your Xbox’s install location:

  1. Plug the external hard drive into your Xbox.
  2. After it is automatically detected, select “Format Storage Device”.
  3. Create a name for your device.
  4. Make it the default install location by selecting “Install New Things Here”.
  5. Select “Format”, and you’re all set!

Why Should I Use My Game Drive for Future Installs?

When you plug your Game Drive into your Xbox, you’re not just significantly multiplying your game library’s capacity, you should noticeably speed up your boot and load times too. With efficient solid state flash technology, Seagate’s Game Drive for Xbox SSD is packing a lot of benefits in a slim 2TB package.

What About My Previously Installed Games?

All of the games and apps that were installed before you added your Game Drive will remain on the internal console drive, and all newly installed games and apps will live on your Game Drive SSD.

If you want help moving those games on to your Game Drive, we’ve got a video right here.

Need to Change the Primary Install Location Again?

To change the primary install location after you have completed this process, you simply have to go to your Settings, select “System”, and then click the “Storage” button. Under “Storage”, all of your connected hard drives will be shown—this will allow you to re-highlight the drive you want to make your primary. Once you’ve picked the drive you want, click the A button and select “Install Here By Default”.

Drives on Drives on Drives

You are free to add as many Game Drives as you have available USB ports. Your Xbox will automatically detect each drive and will walk you through your formatting options. But be aware, you can only have one primary install drive at a time.

Adding a Game Drive is that simple. Hope that this helps you on your path to more games and less load times!

For more tips and tricks on how to optimize all your gaming needs, check out our additional videos at Inside Gaming with Seagate.

Thanks for reading and happy gaming ✌🏽