Seagate + SUSE

Simple, Cost-Effective Software-Defined Storage

Seagate and SUSE are partners in delivering software-defined storage solutions to power the most demanding private clouds.

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Expand Your Public Cloud Limits

Expand Your Public Cloud Limits

Using the public cloud for data-intensive applications often means costly operations and questionable security. But deploying your own private cloud? That changes things.

Easily Scale Your  Private Cloud

Easily Scale Your Private Cloud

Will a private cloud allow my business to scale easily, and affordably, while providing the utmost security? Seagate and SUSE work together to deliver a “yes” to this question.

Deploy a Seamless Hybrid Cloud

Deploy a Seamless Hybrid Cloud  

Public and private clouds each have demands. But when the latter is easy, affordable, and secure, you can manage growth, control TCO, and thrive in a hybrid world.

Rethink. Redesign. Reimagine Software-Defined Storage.

Building your private cloud with software-defined infrastructure.

Our industry-leading storage platforms are here for your business. Get ready to increase rack density and performance for machine learning, cloud-native container applications, and advanced telecom native applications. Lower your data center footprint. And most importantly—adapt to changing business demands.

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Solution Brief 

Powering the Most Demanding Private Cloud

Get an in-depth look at how Seagate and SUSE have merged storage platforms to make private cloud storage easier, more efficient, and secure.

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Rethink Space and Performance with Seagate Exos™ E 4U106

Meet the data center’s largest, high-density building block supporting up to 1.7PB and lightning speeds of up to 36GB/s.

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Reimagine Cloud Agility with SUSE Enterprise Storage

Scale to exabytes with a resilient, self-healing storage software system based on the industry-leading SDS solution, Ceph.

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“SUSE has closely partnered with Seagate to combine Seagate's scalable and affordable storage platforms with SUSE's flexible open source Ceph-based SUSE Enterprise Storage to enable easy and cost effective storage solutions for our customers.”

Rachel Cassidy, Senior Vice President Global Channel and Cloud, SUSE

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Seagate Exclusive

Data Age 2025 Report

Curious where data is headed? Here’s a peek at the future.

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Let’s build your cloud confidence.

At Seagate, we know your company is up against big data challenges—from managing it to storing it to streamlining it. The good news is that we’re here to help every step of the way. So a good first step? Check out our Cloud Confidence Report.

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