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Adding, Removing, and Managing Users for Lyve Data Service


This article provides instructions to add users to a project as well as checking the list of users assigned to a project.  


Adding user 


See below instructions to add a new user to a project existing project: 


  • Go to 

  • Sign in to your Lyve account  

  • Click on Projects 

  • Select the project you want to designate one or more users 

  • Under Users click on Add User  

  • Click on the field Search by Email Address 

Note: If a user has been registered to another project you may search by the person’s email address 

  • Click on Add New User 

  • Fill out the information  

  • Select the one of the two options under Assign User Role 

    • Product Admin 

      • Designated IT Admin by the Master Account, responsible for product permissions, usage of product, security admin, and in-field user workflows 

    • Product User 

      • Primary in-field user for data transit workflows, with the ability to add additional product end-users to projects. 


  • Click on Save 

  • An email notification will be sent to the assigned user 



Checking the list of users assigned to a project 


To check information of user(s) assigned to a project including the role assigned and the status of the invitation, please follow the instructions below:  


  • Select the project you are looking to check its users  

  • From the Project Details a list of users is displayed under Users section 




Removing a user assigned to a project  


Follow the steps below to remove a user that has been assigned to a project: 


  • Go to

  • Sign in to your Lyve account

  • Click on Projects  

  • Select the project you want to remove a user  

  • Under Users section click on the remove user icon